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Akshit Anchan

We live in a world of accelerating change and making a difference is more accessible than ever. All one needs to do is take the first step.

What I'm Working On Now

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Launched in 2019 by a grassroots nonprofit organization, Sakshi, The Rakshin Project is a nationwide initiative that aims to address the denial, stigma, shame and silence associated with gender-based violence with a focus on preventing Child Sexual Abuse. In 2021, I joined as a Lead Developer to build up suitable, sustainable, & cost-efficient infrastructure for a project of its scale.

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With projects like emergency response Locate Victims Beirut, CSA-prevention workshop initiative The Rakshin Project, sustainable healthcare-field-disrupting Beiyouth, and many others, I actively try to make a difference in the world with adaptable, long-term and strong technology solutions that cater to organizations' needs and requirements. My forte is supercharging nonprofits by harnessing technology for social impact and sustainable development.


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