I am a self-taught web developer/designer. I was in secondary school when I first developed a keen interest in coding, programming and web development. I took to the internet and taught myself the fundamentals of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Currently, I'm learning Python and SQL at my school and independently studying PHP. I'm also well-oriented in custom domain web and email hosting.

These are some of the websites I have built either via HTML and CSS or integrated platforms. In the creation and execution of these websites, I have used a mix of Web Design and Development which further complements to my skill as a quick learner.

If you'd like to know more about how I have worked on these websites, or would like to discuss a not-for-profit project, feel free to drop me a direct message via Instagram or Email!

Personal Portfolio Website

Developed by me, for me :)

Humans of Safe Places Website

Designed by me, for Humans of Safe Places

Locate Victims Beirut Website

Designed by me, for Locate Victims Beirut

LiveMUN Website

Developed and optimised by me, for LiveMUN

Legatus MUN Website

Developed by me, for Legatus Model UN